Miranda Field


Registered Psychologist (Provisional)

Miranda completed her Master of Education (Education Psychology) degree in 2016 and has been a Registered Psychologist since June of 2021.  She previously completed a Bachelor of Music Education with studies in Inclusive Education.  Beginning in 2007, Miranda worked full-time as a teacher in urban Southern Saskatchewan supporting students with complex learning, medical, and mental health needs and used arts-based and inclusive education programming to support children and adolescents. Miranda has been involved with both mental health and women in leadership advocacy and policy on provincial, national, and international platforms.  In 2021 she began working in private practice where she provides services for learning and ADHD assessments in children and adults as well as counselling children, adolescents, and young adults.  She is an “Approved” mental health service provider under the Non-Insured Health Benefits program of Indigenous Services Canada. Trauma-informed and strength-based approaches are central to Miranda’s practice to foster connectedness and trust. Miranda works from a variety of counselling perspectives including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and integrates nature and arts-based approaches. Miranda believes that story is at the center of any healing journey. Your story is not only about what has and is happening to you. It is about you owning your story and taking control over what is happening now and where you hope your story will go.

Miranda welcomes the following clients:

Anxiety & Worry

When you are struggling with anxiety, from simple worries to major panic attacks, and when it is getting harder and harder to control anxious, racing thoughts.

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