Assessment of Reading Proficiency

The Regina Reading Clinic provides two pathways to better understand your child's difficulties with learning how to read. Both ways can lead to structured interventions.

Assessment of Specific Reading Problems

In Saskatchewan, assessments for dyslexia, reading and learning disabilities and other diagnoses are completed by various professionals with training in speech, language, and psychological development. If a specific learning disability such as dyslexia is the root cause of your child's reading difficulties, that diagnosis can then only be made by a registered psychologist. A Speech and Language pathologist does not have the diagnostic privileges in Saskatchewan to diagnose dyslexia, however, their involvement in the assessment process is essential.  In addition, the involvement of a licensed special education teacher is also essential, especially for writing treatment plans. At the Regina Reading Clinic, STG Professionals work together by using comprehensive (neuro)psychological assessments to pinpoint what is interfering with your child's reading and/or learning development.

Screening Assessment

An indepth and reliable standardized assessment to determine the direction for further short-term reading intervention

Diagnostic Assessment

An indepth and comprehensive psycho-educational assessment to determine the extend of your child's reading and learning difficulties.

Quick - Reliable - Affordable

Screening Assessment

The screening assessment assists in determining if your child is at risk for developing a specific learning disorder such as dyslexia, . The STG Dyslexia Screening helps families determine whether their child is at risk for developmental dyslexia. This screening is also included in the STG Assessment of Learning (a comprehensive process to determine if a child has a specific learning disability such as dyslexia). 

STG uses the only research-based standardized assessment for remote administration to determine if your child. It does not take long, but your child’s active participation is essential.

When full comprehensive diagnostics is required

Diagnostic Assessment

If you wish to determine if your child has a specific learning disorder such as dyslexia, the diagnostic assessment performed by a registered psychologist is your only option.  The STG Diagnostic Learning Disability Assessment helps families determine whether their child is at risk for developmental dyslexia, as well as the subtype and severity, and If other learning difficulties co-exist (for example spelling or comprehension). The diagnosis itself opens doors for getting accommodations at school (and university). Knowing the learning disorder subtype and severity informs the kind of treatment and supports your child would benefit from.

STG uses the only current research-based and standardized assessments that are restricted for use by licensed professionals in Saskatchewan. Some of these assessments can only be done by registered psychologists, while others are administered by other professionals as well. The specific assessment varies from child to child, depending on the learning needs.