What We Offer

Services and Programs

We will work with you to provide services that meet your needs, your child's needs, or your organization's needs.  Our goal is to help you reach your goals.  Services are provided within our team members' scope of practice and experience.


Individual Counselling

Sitting one-on-one to resolve personal challenges or find new insight and meaning.

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Psychological Assessment

A formal process to identify specific challenges and develop a plan to address those areas.

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Group Counselling

Using shared experiences to develop new skills and find new solutions to your challenges.

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Speech & Language

Speech–Language Pathology is about helping clients with communication, speech, and language development.

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Group Skills Training

Joining other individuals and a counsellor to develop new skills and strategies for a better life.

Personalized Services

Are you looking for a service that is not listed? Or maybe you are looking for a combination of services.

Working Towards Progress


Develop a plan that matches your current skills and challenges to grow in a supportive way.


Practice skills over time to see what is really helping and what might need adjusting.


See how your realized goals help you feeling more satisfied and function better in your life every day.

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